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While all business owners face unique situations, most challenges they face are common and cut across all industries.


Our Rapid Impact Strategies specifically address the Top 5 Business Dangers with cost effective strategies designed to drive immediate results and improve the bottom line.


Our strategies include:

:: Business Planning

:: Marketing and Communications

:: Financial Management

:: Performance Enhancement

:: PR and Advertising

:: Sales Training and Management

:: Prospect Management

:: Employee Recruiting and Retention

:: Executive and Employee Coaching

:: Operations Support  



Top 5 Business Dangers


Financial Mismanagement. It's one thing to make money, quite another to manage it...Where are you spending your time? Read more .



Ineffective Marketing. All other activities contribute to only expenses. Without strong sales your business is destined to fail.  Read more .



Under-Performing Sales.  The most common reasons for poor performance are lack of focus, lack of a system and poor time management. Read more.



Lack of Capital Management. Massive worker shortage, widening skill gaps, disengaged employees, are all problems facing HR department. Read more .



Poor Leadership.  The number one reason cited for failure to meet business goals is ineffective communication. 

Does your team really know...?  Read more.






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"Before working with Jerry, we were struggling with an average of only 7-9 customers per day, which was not sustainable, and we had a vague goal of needing to double that number.  With such low revenue coming in, the thought of hiring a coach was frightening, and my fear was all financial.  However, we really appreciated the guidance in developing a marketing plan and
approach.  We had been doing a few of the things that were suggested, but having the recognition that we were moving in the right direction helped us to push harder on both
old and new marketing tactics.  As a result of working with Jerry we are now seeing customer numbers between 18-30 per day, which is amazing!  Although there's still more we need to do as we continue to grow, I can advise anyone considering hiring a coach that Jerry will not tell you what to do, but rather help you, the business owner, come up with the ideas needed... that way you still feel like it's your business and you are running it the way you want."

-Courtney K.