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Are you facing any of these challenges?

  • Sagging sales...
  • Eroding profits...
  • Constant cash flow anxiety...
  • Disorganized or nonexistent systems...
  • Underperforming or unmotivated team...


You're not alone. Most small businesses face these challenges. The U.S. Center for Economic Development reports that 90% of companies started today will be out of business within 10 years. In fact, a business fails every 3 minutes in North America.


But yours doesn't have to. All you need is an AdviCoach.


Call or email for your complimentary coaching session , which includes a financial analysis of your business compared to your competitors and an analysis of how our Rapid Impact Strategies can add IMMEDIATE profit to your bottom line.


What is a Business Coach?


No Coach In Your Area?


You don't have to be located near Baltus  Group in Plymouth, WI to work with us.  Coaching is a terrific support mechanism that can be done by phone/internet just as effectively as meeting in person.  We have coached clients from New York to Arizona and Minnesota to Florida.  Email us at or call 920-946-4744 to learn how to add a coach to your team to create a successful business that supports your life.   


Working 'ON' Your Business


What does working on your business mean?  Consider that it relates to building VALUE in this asset that serves your life (your business). AdviCoach now offers you the opportunity to assess and improve your company's value starting with an on-line survey.  In less than 15 minutes you can get your Value Builder Score and request a full assessment and report to help identify where you need to focus in order to improve your SELLABILITY SCORE. Get started here!




 More About Value Builder


The Value Builder System - Certified Value Builder from The Value Builder System™ on Vimeo.


Join Our Wisconsin Team

We are expanding in Wisconsin and seeking business professionals looking to leverage their experience and acumen helping small & mid-sized business owners become more successful.  If it's time to consider a self-employment option in your career and if you'd like to explore a professional option to working for someone else, please contact Jerry Baltus at to learn about our associate opportunities, our training and our team.








As AdviCoaches, we coach the owners of privately held and family-owned businesses and we can help you grow your profits by at least 68% per year and build a team to help run the business for you so you can get some time back for yourself. Schedule your Complimentary Coaching Session today.




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Your Wisconsin business coaching team at AdviCoach is dedicated to your business
We believe in helping business owners succeed by avoiding the common reasons that cause failure or reduce success. At the same time, many businesses have matured to levels where it is not failure that is a concern as much as building a solid team, branching out in new strategic directions, fine-tuning the customer experience, or planning for a profitable exit of the business. Investment in a coach is a speedier and focused way to adjust to these skills than the trial-and-error approach most use.


We provide individualized attention, not a canned approach, to help our clients deal with their blind spots and change their uncomfortable needs to comfortable habits that enhance the leadership of their firm. Thus we strive to provide such clear value in the relationship of client and coach that long term trust and affiliations result.


We also help teams perform better. Coaching a business team has many parallels to coaching an athletic team, such as awareness of the roles of teammates, strong communication methods, clear measures of progress, and involvement in continuous improvement. The "soft" skills of team leadership are not only beneficial to the "boss", but can also be used to develop subordinates as future leaders of departments, divisions and the company. We help you build strategies to overcome the obstacles holding back your team and your business from success.


Although the concept of hiring a coach is more common than ever, many business owners still fear that their investment will be wasted, or that the coach will be overly critical, or that they will lose control of the business they've built.  Unfortunately, not all coaches are created equal.  But the value of coaching from legitimate professionals is proven and strong.  We recommend you seek a coach with a broad, professional background in business, one with a network and resources that go beyond the individual, someone with clear testimonials that illustrate value given and most of all, someone with whom you feel you can trust and build a relationship with to be able to confide in and seek support from.


Our coaches have diversified executive management experience in manufacturing, finance, sales & marketing, as well as acquisitions, joint ventures and lean manufacturing and more. 










Building a business that serves your life means that your business value can become a significant part of your retirement nest egg, and serve your life even after you sell it! "Final Act of Ownership" provides education and perspective to help navigate the selling process so that your "final act" is successful. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE.


Contact us about a plan to help you build a business that is valuable to you today in terms of your Income, Lifestyle, Wealth and Equity goals, and valuable to you in the future as you create an Exit Strategy that serves the rest of your life as well.



The AdviCoach approach was designed to rescue the dream of business ownership and help business owners attain maximum success. Our AdviCoach approach helps create awareness amongst business owners about the 5 Business Dangers all businesses face and how it is impacting your business. Through our 21 Rapid Impact Strategies, we provide you with the tools and resources to empower you, the business owners to address these dangers successfully. AdviCoach is part of Franchise Source Brands International.